Monday, March 30, 2020

Thirty More Days

It looks as if we're under lockdown for another 30 days, at least.

That's the galling part.  They can't tell us, with all the science and the finest minds in the business, when this will be over.

I want to know when it will be over.  I don't care when they set the date, whether it's in June, or July, or even August.  I just want to know when I can start making plans.  Americans are planners, and the worst of this disaster is shutting down the planning.

I spent twenty years in the Louisiana Dept of Corrections.  The one thing that every inmate had is a release date.  The inmate knew that on some certain date in the future, he would be released.

What we have now is a rolling release date.  Maybe in 30 days, maybe in 60. What I'd like to see is a iron-clad date when we know, without a doubt, that we can return to some semblance of normal.  Let the experts look at their most pessimistic models, then set a date based on that estimate.

Then, let us know that on that date, we can get on with our lives.


DaveS said...

The problem being that right now there are NO experts and the data is very poor. So people are guessing. Those old jokes about weather forecasters could apply to the health experts right now.

It's frustrating for everyone. but at some point we'll come out of this - but some of us will not.

It's a war with an invisible enemy. I'm hoping that my little Fire/EMS team can stay combat effective for as long as possible. If the front line medical, police and First Responders start to go down, things will get even more "interesting".

Hang in there and stay safe - don't let the frustration get to you.

Retired cop said...

My best guess is the day after Vice President Clinton utilizes the 25th Amendment to replace President other words...never!

Anonymous said...

I'm frustrated too, but understand why a date is so hard to pinpoint. Its hard enough to determine just who has COVID.

One of my coworkers related a funny story this morning, over the phone. He related that an individual house had a house party in a county already saying 'shelter in place - unless crucial, stay home' orders. Well, LEOs showed up with $1000 fine tickets in hand. Coworker said the place emptied like cockroaches, everyone beating feet for the horizon, lol.

Bunch of idiots - they brought the pain on themselves.

Hang in there Brother.

DaveS said...

Further thought - that date won't come until we have a dependable way of treating those who get infected or have a vaccine that can prevent it. Everything else that we're doing just amounts to stalling tactics.