Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Louisiana Covid-19 Update

Louisiana's Covid-19 cases jumped overnight to 1795 cases with 491 hospitalized.  Here in Rapides parish we currently have 14 cases, up from 10 reported yesterday.

As for Belle and me, we're staying home, being Covid-correct.  I've spent most of the day reloading ammunition.  The Southern Territory has about 12.5K pieces of brass that travel around to be used in sanctioned matches.  I had taken possession of them two weeks ago in Oklahoma to use for Louisiana State, but when I got home, the match was postponed until August for the Xi Kung Flu.  I talked with some honchos today.  I"ll reload the ammo and if Texas State goes in early May, I'll take it to Texas.  If not, the next up is the Territorial match in Amarillo in early June.  If that doesn't play out, I'll have it loaded for Louisiana in August.


Old NFO said...

Gives you something to do in your 'spare' time... :-)

TwoDogs said...

What caliber ? What sanctioned matches ?