Saturday, March 07, 2020

Go To The Law

A guy, a friend of mine who just happens to be a concealed carry firearms instructor in the State of Louisiana asked me a question that I get asked more frequently than I should be asked.  And, this guy is an instructor, so he should know the correct answer.

The question is a variant of this one:  "Can I get in trouble for having a gun in my car if I go to a school property.

I was asked this question a lot when I was a School Resource Officer, and in Louisiana, the answer is simple, and it is a resounding NO.  In Louisiana, having a firearm in the vehicle is a protected constitutional right.  You can have a gun in your car, locked up or laying cocked-and-locked on the dashboard.  It is a protected constitutional right.  And, if we go to the law as published, it speaks directly to that right in the exceptions.
C. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to:
(5) Any constitutionally protected activity which cannot be regulated by the state, such as a firearm contained entirely within a motor vehicle.
So, to answer my buddy's question, in Louisiana, carrying a firearm in a motor vehicle is a constitutionally protected activity, even on a school property.

In other states, your mileage may vary.  Check the law before you get into trouble.


Old NFO said...

Excellent point, because laws DO vary from state to state.

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