Tuesday, November 22, 2022

What Is The Play

 Something interesting is playing out.

It seems that CBS News now believes that the Hunter Biden laptop is real.  And the evidence on it is damning.

More from Fox News here.

One week after the Republicans flipped the House, and gave notice that they would start investigations, the liberal news organizations now believe that the laptop they dismissed as fake two years ago, now shows the corruption of the Biden family.

Leslie Stahl owes Donald Trump a big, fat apology.  If the laptop is real, then both Hunter and The Big Guy face a host of influence peddling charges.

Gavin Newsome is ecstatic.


Old NFO said...

Funny how that's working out...

Termite said...

Leslie Stahl should be stripped to the waist, and suffer 25 lashes from a drover's bull-whip.

Flugelman said...

Funny how your link to Fox News returns "406 Not Acceptable"