Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Trump Ammounces

 He's back, seeking the Republican nomination.

I admit I have mixed feelings about it.


Termite said...


I too, have mixed feelings about it. Could it be that Trump's time has come and gone; and that he would be better served as being a "Daddy Warbucks" of sort?

John Galt said...

I wish he stayed out. A lot of people who would vote Republican are Never/ever/anyone but Trump voters. The Democrats are so woke people are running from them in droves but...about 1/2 the people who voted Trump last time will do so again. I think that potentially leaves the Democrats in power when the Never Trumps just stay home.

Sport Pilot said...

I agree, very mixed feelings on this. He had his term, I just can't see this as much more than an, in your face, means of defiance.

be603 said...

I'm not in love with the guy I'm all in with voting for any actual "America First" candidate.

So tired of the Uniparty Cartel.

BobF said...

I held my nose twice, but I voted for him as least of two evils. If it were today I'd probably just not vote. Don't know what will make me change my mind by then.

be603 said...

Sitting here wondering what the Vegas oddsmakers put on Michele Obama running on the Communist, err Dem ticket.

TechieDude said...

Two years is a really long time. He'll probably flame out.

He's also 76. I'm done with voting for geezers, no matter how spry they are.

FJB said...

Mixed feelings about Trump but I ask one simple question: Who else?
DeSantis couldn't take the pounding that they are giving Trump and will give to anyone who takes his place. Lake? Abbott?
Find someone to replace Trump and I would back them but until there is someone else, let us not do the demoncrats bidding and divide ourselves.

We, the people, must stand united and focused. No more paul pelosi distracitons. No more newsom (unless you live in CA). No more Michigan (unless you live there). Look at home. Make sure your community has a constitutional DA in the next race. Make sure your county has a constitutional election commissioner in the next race. Clean your house first and foremsot and the rest will cure itself.