Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Election Day

 It's election day.  The polls are open locally and voting has begun.  Belle and I voted early.  We like doing that, but we realize that not everyone has that opportunity.  We have family members who will vote today.

Who is going to win?  The American people. The pundits I listen to say that we are on the cusp of a red wave, but I realize that I might be listening from inside a bubble.  So, I went over to Larry Sabato's site to see what his team has to say.  Sabato is not known to be conservative, politically, but he is fairly good at reading the tea leaves, or the chicken entrails, or whatever he uses to predict races.  Sabato says that the Republicans are going to win both the House and the Senate.

If you haven't voted, make sure that you vote today.  And, if you are conflicted, vote Republican.  The Republicans are not perfect, but the other side is insane.


juvat said...

I don't think insane is the right word. A reverse spelling of "LIVE" might be better suited. Insane is a condition that reduces responsibility for ones actions, not eliminates but reduces. The other doesn't have that limitation.
Just my opinion, YMMV.

Termite said...

From another blog: "Today's the day we find out if it's possibile to outvote the margin of theft."

Mathmatically speaking, I believe it get rather difficult to spoof the vote if the margin is much greater than 2%.
However, I am willing to be shown that I am underestimating those who would spoof the vote.

Anonymous said...

Conservative writer Ben Domenech seem to think that if the GOP wins big, COVID will return.


Old NFO said...

Yep, voted early. Done and done.

Termite said...

Funniest comment I''ve seen about Florida's races:

"Florida notoriously took forever to decide the winner in 2000. Since then their strategy has been to count votes at the speed of a Tasmanian devil on Adderall."
Matt Purple