Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Is Affirmative Action Over?

 There is a case wending its way through the legal system that seeks to overturn race-based admissions at UNC. The case has made it to oral arguments at the Supreme Court.

What we today call Affirmative Action stems from a series of legislative bills and executive orders in 1965

Whether you agree or disagree, it has been a topic of discussion ever since.  Oral arguments were very recent, and the Supremes will rule in their time and in their manner.  Many Americans have lived their entire lives under Affirmative Action and cannot conceive a future without it.

This is liable to get interesting.


Glypto Dropem said...

We should expect another leak out of SCOTUS if the decision is written to get rid of "affirmative action," in order to try and spark an all out race war.

Justin_O_Guy said...

My definition of racism is not well received by the people who are most often hollering
That's Rayciss!
To me, it's simple. Any decision made based on race Is racist.
Being mean to someone because you can guess where their great great grandparents came from is racist.
Cutting someone a Break for the same reason is equally racist.
I don't care if someone is pink with purple polka dots, if they are qualified for the position, open the door to them.
But putting someone who is less qualified in a position than someone who is more qualified, because the less qualified person is, whatever,, is just stupid. I don't see any professional sports teams actively recruiting people who are not able to compete in that world. I can't imagine taking the tests to get in college and just Killing it, only to get a letter Sayin, umm,Nope,, we are going to be accepting people who didn't score that well, but are of a preferred demographic.
Remember Kids, work hard and you too can succeed, because 'Murca!!

Judy said...

It can't end too soon. Seen lots of discrimination because of it. And I have benefited because of it, being female and all.