Friday, November 18, 2022

In Comments

 In reference to the Trench post yesterday, Steve asks in comments:

If you don't mind, would you share pictures? Steve

Sorry, Steve, I didn't think about taking photos during the dirt work.  But, it's rather straight-forward, and YouTube is awash in trech videos.   In the past I have used what we locally call a Ditch-Witch, which uses a gasoline engine to cut a trench 6" wide and maybe 3' deep.  This machine was smaller.  It cut a trench 3" wide and a max depth of 18".

I didn't go that deep.  I only cut to just below sod depth.  Maybe six inches max.  Then, I installed 1" PVC with the ethernet cable inside.  Then, used a sweeping curve to come out of the ground and take the cable into the shop.  I then used some strapping to secure the conduit to the building, cut a hole in the wall, and used some Great Stuff to seal the conduit into the wall.  Then, hooked the router t the ethernet cable, plugged it in, and let it go through its opening ceremony.  Voila!   The shop has internet.

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