Monday, May 02, 2022

On The Griddle

 Lost week, our church started Prayer and Practice, or Church in the Dirt.  We hold this ministry at the arena, and let the youth practice rodeo skills.  We also crank up the concession stand (the Chuck Wagon) and serve a light evening snack.  Last week it was pulled pork sandwiches and chips.

Because we don't have many folks pulling the Chuck Wagon, the crew got together and decided that "easy" was the key.  I told them that this coming week, I'd come up with something that was fast and easy, and I'd cook it, but we still needed a couple of folks to help out in the food window.

Looking at the calendar, our next Prayer and Practice is May 5th, so I decided that street tacos would be fast, easy, and cheap.  So, today I went to the grocer, bought some boneless chicken thighs, onions and peppers, and some tortillas, and tried it out to see how I could scale it up.

Some chicken, some onions and peppers, and wrap it in a flour tortilla.  Add salsa if you like.

Belle says they are good, seasoned well (I used chipotle powder, garlic powder, salt and black pepper)  but she told me that  when she thinks of tacos, it's hard corn shells, ground beef, lettuce and cheese.  She is right, those are what I call American tacos, but I'm taking it another direction.  American tacos are fine, but these are street tacos.


Rick said...

For three years I was the organizer, head cook, chief bottlewasher for the monthly Men's Breakfast. I learned to cook a variety of meals for 200+ men and boys.

When I assumed the duties, attendance hovered between 30 and 45 head. This allowed me to progress in skill as the head count increased. Still, it was the advice of a retired Navy man which helped greatly.

By the time of the third year, I had a tight crew of four, sometimes five, which would prep, cook, present a great meal for the many in less than three hours. That's from unlocking the kitchen to beginning clean-up.

P.S. It wasn't my superior skills, it was my continued pleading for reliable kitchen staff. As the meals became more of an attraction, the herd grew naturally. With that came an inspired 'competition' of who would be the speaker, or who could obtain a great speaker. I reckon success attracts success. Always, to God be the glory.

Judy said...

Based on Belle's comment. Post a sign explaining what a 'street taco' is and then, serve'em up.

Anonymous said...

Too finely chopped and meat will be pulled out too easily and spill out. Long thin strips of meat I find works best for me. I too agree with you on soft tortilla, especially when corn tortilla is the shell.

Your picture is making me hongry dude !! :^) Good luck with meal - hope its a success.