Thursday, May 12, 2022

Baby Formula

 What did young mothers do way-back-when, before baby formula was invented?  They made their own.

1 can evaporated whole milk.  (13 oz)

18 oz clean water

1 tablespoon of light Karo syrup.

Done and done.  If the kid is having loose stools, back off on the Karo a bit.  Carnation still makes evaportated mild, and Karo still makes syrup.  It's what generations of kids were weaned on.

I'm just saying.


Judy said...

I used regular milk out of the dairy case and Karo for my oldest. Mother had to use canned soy milk-n-Karo for me as I am allergic to dairy protein (casein).

Howard Brewi said...

I believe I was fed that formula. My wife breast fed all our kids!

Termite said...

One of the issues is that some infants apparently can't tolerate cow milk yet,

mostly cajun said...

For kids who don't tolerate cow milk well, there's goat milk.

I was one of those.


juvat said...

As with most everything these days, it's more complicated than that. As Termite said many babies can't tolerate Cow, or Goat, milk. Additionally, many more babies won't tolerate well switching between formulas much less switching to a completely different diet (e.g. Cow/Goat). I wish that was different, but when we were young we didn't have formula, but we did have a lot of childhood diseases that ran rampant also.
Spent all day yesterday driving to College Station and back to deliver 3 packages of formula to my Daughter and Granddaughter who were down to their last few bottles. This is a real problem and should be laid at the feet of the people that caused it, Abbot Laboratory, and the people that didn't do their job to prevent it. That's spelled US Government Agencies.