Thursday, May 05, 2022

Justice Partially Served

 The Rapides Parish District Attorney's office is reporting the conviction of Ramonte Jackson for the May 7, 2021 shooting of David Paul, the owner/operator of Liberty Arsenal, just down the road from PawPaw's House.  David's brother was also wounded in the crime.  Jackson got Life w/o  parole for Davide's murder and 50 years for his brother's shooting.  These to be served consecutively.

I don't know the status of his co-defendants, but I'm fairly certain that prison time awaits.  This was a senseless killing that took a good man from our community.  I hope that this conviction provides at least partial closure to David's wife and brother.


Old NFO said...

One hopes, but it won't bring him back.

BobF said...

Not sure if I want to wish Jackson a long life in prison or not. You're paying to feed him, so maybe a shorter life would be in order.