Thursday, May 19, 2022


 Grits are a southern staple.  Basically, ground hominy, they are cheap, filling, tasty, and can be made in bulk.  Huge batches are easy.  They add calories, which is why the Army uses a lot of grits.  I love them.  I'll eat grits anywhere and the Southern cooks love to spice them up.  Cheese grits, shrimp grits, or even pepper grits.

Belle detests grits.  We ate a good meal on Sunday and she injured herself before coffee on Monday morning.  With the prospect of surgery looming, they didn't feed her on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Her first meal in three days was breakfast.  They brought her eggs, toast, grits, coffee and orange juice.

Luckily, she is a light eater, so she made-do with the eggs and toast. Her disposition is good, and she is looking forward to the next steps.  She has been a registered nurse for 43 years, so she understands all the medical lingo, and knows what to expect.  I was a cop for 37 years and am totally outside of my confort zone in a medical setting.


mostly cajun said...

My 'smart' rice cooker has a 'porridge' setting that works for grits. I buy the old-fashioned, not quick, not instant grits, put them in the cooker with water and a bit of salt, per the recipe, set the timer for wake-up in the morning, and arise to a mess of freshly cooked grits.

I usually add a couple of eggs and some bacon or sausage, and 's a fine breakfast.


Old Al said...

Prayers for her rapid recovery.

Glypto Dropem said...

I had never had grits before spending the Summer of 1981 at Fort Gordon, GA. When I was a kid, my Mom would say how much she hated them, so we never had them. Dad had them in the Navy and said they weren't bad, just different. I like mine sweet for breakfast; a big blob of jam, some brown sugar, or slathered in maple syrup. That said, I wouldn't turn them down with salt/pepper/butter, bacon bits, or something spicy.

Yes I was born a northerner and still live here, but I always refer to myself as a displaced southern boy. Southern hospitality is infectious, and I feel right at home when there. But when I come back home, I realize that I truly live in the land of assholes.

Old NFO said...

Grew up on grits and hominy... Still eat them all the time! BUT, I absolutely hated the grits in the military chow halls, they never could get them right!