Sunday, May 01, 2022

Voting Matters

 I don't  live in the city of Pineville, but I do have a Pineville mailing address and I do a lot of shopping in that town.  Pineville is a smallish town in central Louisiana.  Yesterday, it elected a mayor in one of the most hotly contested elections in a decade or longer.  It was a close run election.  And, it demonstrates why voting matters.  A screen grab from the Louisiana Secretary of State shows that Pineville has 8410 registered voters.

Yet, less than half of those voters showed up to cast a ballot.  Louisiana has an extremely lenient early-voting time, and I am convinced that the vote-counters do everything they can do to ensure a fair, accurate accounting.  I'm not complaining about the voting process, but the results of the election show again that voter apathy drives election results in this area, and I'm sure in the rest of the country.

Another screen grab, sowing the results of the election.

Of 8400 registered voters, only 2635 showed up to vote, and the returns came down to 5 voters.

I think that the new mayor will do a good job, but having a mayoral race come down to five votes is stunning, when more than half of the registered voters didn't even show up to vote.  That is a damned shame.

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Rick said...

I blame the media. More concisely, the mass of people who tune into the media. Moreso, the apparent inability in a significantly large number of people to engage in critical thinking.

It is no surprise people are inherently intellectually lazy. What is truly dispicable is those who use that characteristic to their benefit, i.e, media and hucksters and politicians. The schools cultivate that flaw to the benefit of the aforementioned.

How long has the media and the like bellowed that voting is useless. Here you have presented the results of that campaign to disenfranchise The People.

But take heart. In these days of interesting times, the people are waking to how they have been conspired against.