Friday, May 06, 2022

Louisiana Traffic

 The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office has issued a traffic advisory for a portion of I-49 at the DeSoto parish line.

(I-49)-Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Deputies and DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Deputies are attempting to talk a 13-foot alligator off I-49 (southbound) just inside DeSoto Parish near the Natchitoches Parish line.

 Deputies say he is moving slowing, looking sideways and mumbling some growls as he continues to move across the road.

 Ain't nothing like a surly gator to tie up traffic.


Stuart said...

He's just soaking up that warmth from the tarmac. Then he'll be nice and feisty... and fast!

BobF said...

Prices too high to go get a chicken sandwich?

pjk said...

Not to be too picky - but that does not look like 13 feet to me. Isn't the width of a traffic lane ranging between 11 and 13 feet?

Pawpaw said...

pjk. Yeah, I had the same thought. Traffic lanes on an interstate are normally 12 feet. Later reports put the length of the gator at 10 feet. But, the LEO community had a lot f fun with it. The story was blowing up the local intertubes.

be603 said...

"Looks like a target rich environment Goose"