Saturday, May 21, 2022

Belle Update

 We moved Belle from the surgical ward yesterday, down the street to a rehab hospital where she will get physical therapy.   She will be there for about a week.

Kudos to the doctors, nurses, professional staff, and support personnel.  They did a magnificent job  They were professional, knowledgeable, kind, caring, and very accommodating. The hospital still has an official mask policy, but I didn't see it being enforced, by and large.  In four days, I generally wandered the hospital unmasked.

There was one example of what I call an "officious prick" who told me I had to mask before he would let me check out in the cafeteria.  It was less burdensome for me to put on  a mask than to get involved in a philosophical discussion.  The lesson here is that this little officious prick tainted an otherwise stellar performance by the hospital. 

I, for one, and I suspect the vast majority of Americans, are tired of being told what to do by officious pricks.  They count on Americans being compliant, and that may not be an assumption that they should hold.  

We're tired of this shit.

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