Saturday, May 14, 2022

Signs of the Times

 Belle and I were at the grocers today after practice, and we noticed a woman buying baby formula.  I hadn't noticed, but we don't shop on that aisle much.  We asked, and she said that finding it was interesting, but the store had some so she was taking advantage of it.  She didn't have a lot,  and there may have been a purchase limit; I didn't ask.

Practice was good this morning, with 10 guns in attendance.  The club is getting faster.  I noticed quite a few low fous, and several high 3s being shot.  This was a practice, so none of it was on record, but I am heartened at the speed with which our new shooters are profressing.

I have to leave here shortly.  I"m cooking burgers at the rodeo tonight, and we are getting started early.

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Old NFO said...

That's great! Improvement is the key to raising the 'bar' for the club's shooters!