Sunday, May 22, 2022

Is Consent Not Enough?

 Scrolling thru the intertubes this morning, we come to a tawdry story about  About two lovers that has taken a truly tragic turn.  It seems that a respected scientist was involved in a romantic relationship with a younger woman.  And, not that much younger.  Reportedly, she was 29-years-old when the affair began.

Now, it's over, and she is raising holy hell, claiming that she was "groomed" and "coerced" into the bedroom.  She is making noises about a "sexual predator".  We can surmise that (in the vernacular) she is pissed-off.  She is raising hell, and the esteemed scientist has resigned from his position at MIT and is subsisting off unemployment.

The idea that she was "groomed" is farcical.  She was 29, after all.  Well past the age of consent, and I suspect if she were traveling in the same circles with a respected scientist, she had more than a double digit IQ. (But, that latter assumption is not yet in evidence.)

It's a cautionary tale, and as old as the relationship between men and women.  So, if an old man's advise rings true today, let me give everyone some hard-learned proverbs.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This comes from the English playwright, Congreve.  It was true in the 1600s and is true today.

The second proverb comes from a forgotten source who counseled me as a young lad.

Don't f**k any woman who has less to lose than you do.

That is great advise.  I'll bet that the respected scientist wishes that he had learned that years ago.

But, we are forced to examine the liberal mindset, which is setting back women in this century.

The liberals’ underlying assumption is that women can never be adults. No matter how old they may be, no matter how many graduate degrees they may amass, women are never free actors. They can only, ever, be playthings in the hands of men. Do you believe that? Probably not, but that is what liberals think, and our culture is awash in such nonsense.

In this age of progressives' not being able to define what a woman is, we have to wonder where we are headed.


Old NFO said...

I can only wonder how much she is counting on the whole metoo thing...

kamas716 said...

If they’re not careful they will talk themselves back into not being of age to make any decisions until married or 30. Forget being able to vote if you can’t decide for yourself who to sleep with yet.

Termite said...

What a vindictive C**t.

I suspect her retirement future involves loneliness, with only cats & boxed wine. And no one will feel sorry for her.

Jonathan H said...

And this is an example of why an increasing number of men are done with women - too often, they aren't worth the hassle or the risk...