Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Tragedy in Uvalde

 I was running errands for Belle yesterday when I heard the news that an angry young man had gone to an elementary school in Uvalde, TX and opened fire. Upwards of 20 people died in the mayhem.  I am shocked and saddened, and pray for the victims and their families.

Before the smoke had settled, our execrable president was dancing on the graves for political purposes.

We know that the shooter purchased two AR-style rifles in his 18th birthday.  Absolutely legal purchasees from an FFL dealer.  Reports indicate that he used a rifle and a handgun in the attack.

The gunman allegedly entered the school following a violent encounter with his grandmother and after being involved in a car crash. According to Texas Department of Safety spokesperson Lt. Chris Olivarez, the shooter had on body armor and used a rifle in the attack. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the gunman was armed with a handgun as well. The shooter is now dead, believed to have been killed by responding officers, according to Abbott.

I spent 16 years of my career trying to forestall such a tragedy. First reactions, after the horror of such an angry event is to try to make sense of it.  We can't because it is senseless. It makes no sense that a n angry young man would go into an elementary school and simply start shooting young children.   That is the very definition of evil.

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