Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Another Leak?

 According to Ed Morrisey over at Hot Air , there is another leak our of the Supreme Sieve Court.  It appears that John Roberts is trying to find some middle ground.  He wants to keep Roe, and dump Casey.

After a lengthy explanation, Ed says this:

The question is whether Roberts will remain content to take the almost-literal split-the-baby position of defending Roe while dumping Casey. That’s the only position left to the middle of this dispute, and  that’s not exactly a coherent position;

Roberts has never cared about coherence.  Did you read either of his Obamacare decisions?  Being coherent was not in the cards. John Roberts is a middle-of-the-road guy.  The Right deplores him, the Left thinks he is a squish, and no one trusts him.  It's a sad legacy or a Chief Justice, but it is one he has earned.

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Jonathan H said...

It appears he wants to please everyone and these days that is an effort doomed to failure...