Friday, May 20, 2022


Worry about the price of fuel, but keep worrying about the availability of oil, then look around you.

This plastic table I'm using right now, even the very plastic case that houses this computer.  It's made from oil.  The tires on your car, the plastic dashboard on your new, shiny Tesla.  Petrochemicals.  Those nice, common freezer bags you store food in.  Oil.  

As I sit in the shop, drinking coffee, working from a white folding table, typing on a computer,  and looking around, I am struck by how much of the stuff I use every day is made possible by fossil fuels.

The Biden administration is a train wreck, that is an ironclad cinch.  But, most of it is by design.  In their quest to fundamentally change the way we live, they have not thought this through.  While gasoline and diesel are important products, many of the byproducts of the fuel industry are also very important in the way we lead our daily lives.

The "green" folks are trying to bring us back to the 1920s  The petrochemical industry has brought us forward for the past 100 years, and with Biden's economic policies, we're destined to re-live the 1930s.  Based on stories from my grandfather, that ain't going tobe any fun at all.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

More like the 1880s than the 1920s.

In their haste, they failed to appreciate that the infrastructure that made life in the 1920s and 1880 possible no longer exists.

It is entirely possible that the 2020s will be far worse than the 1930s. It will be if some adjustments are not made.

Termite said...

I can do without a computer if I have to. Doing without a calculator will be a little tougher, but I can manage. I think the family still has my grandmother's old mechanical adding machine, and I think it still works. I know that my mother still has my father's slide rules.

But life without A/C won't be much fun. I can work all day outside if needed, but I want to be able to take a shower and sleep in a reasonably cool room at night.
I got enough sleeping in the heat on active duty and in the LA-ARNG, didn't you Pawpaw?

be603 said...

no, they know full well what they are about. This is not stupidity (well yeah it is but...), this is malice.

I hate to say it but in this regard Ted Kaczynski was a prophet.

be603 said...

They want us to regress and to reduce population. To their thinking humans are the problem and are not naturally occurring in nature.

les1 said...

My father plowed with mules as a teenager in the late 30's. They had no electricity, indoor plumbing, cars or access to health care. They had food, a lot of people didn't. Menu was beans with syrup over them. He was exposed to Spam in the Navy in 1942 age 17. Loved it, from then on out. That is pre-petroleum civilization. Green as you can get. Our current civilization is based on petroleum. The parasites in power want to deny us the benefits of our civilization. We will have nothing, they will be happy. Always glad to hear from ERJ. Sent his books to my kids, trying to expose my grandchildren.

Old NFO said...

ERJ is correct. Pushing us 'back in time' is a death knell for a lot of people.