Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Analysis, True

 And article at The Federalist tries to explain why John Roberts bungling leadership has caused the Court to lose the respect of many people.  The Headline:

John Roberts’ Cowardice On Obamacare Is Why The Left Thinks It Can Bully and Extort SCOTUS

Roberts bungled the two Obamacare decisions so thoroughly that it became plain that he was bowing to political pressure.  His preoccupation with how the Court is perceived outweighed his oath to interpret the Constitution.  

The very fact that Justice Alito was the alleged author of he leaked opinion shows that Roberts was not in the majority. His inability to overturn bad law shows that he is unfit for anything but a Justice of the Peace job somewhere in rural America.

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Anonymous said...

He can stay in D.C.. No one out here wants him for even dog poop police.