Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Scream Fire

You have all heard the old truism" You can't scream fire in a crowded theater.

I've heard it a lot lately, when commentators are complaining about people using their speech to highlight the failures of the Biden administration.  I've heard it a lot.  And as a general rule, that's true.  Using your voice to incite a panic will get people injured or killed, especially if you scream FIRE in a crowded theater.

Unless the theater is actively ablaze.

Lots of folks are saying that they could simply not believe that things could get this bad under Joe Biden.  A sputtering economy, cities awash in crime, a total lack of control at the southern border, soaring fuel prices, food shortages (baby formula??), the list goes on.  We have a president who seems to cascade from one disaster to another, and never really manages to solve one problem before two more crop up.

It is impossible to attribute all this to sheer incompetence.  And Joe told us yesterday that our economy was being transformed.  So, if it is not incompetence, it must be by design.

The midten elections are soon to be upon is.  Several states are holding primary elections.  And, many fold are looking forward too the midterms, thinking that maybe things will get better.  Historically, there has been a shift in the middle of a presidency.  Obama famously said that he had a phone and a pen and we all know that Biden has an army of lackeys who are likely to double-down.  They truly believe in everything they are doing.  If you thought that the past 17 months was a train-wreck, just wait and see what 2023 and 2024 has in store for us.

Not only is the theater actively ablaze, but the roof is about to collapse.

We are in for a rough ride.


juvat said...

I hope you're wrong PawPaw, but am terrified you're right!

Old Al said...

Even the incompetent get it correct once in a while. A continuation of fundamentally transforming the United States. Without a doubt this destruction is being done with purpose.

Old NFO said...

I think you're probably correct... dammit...