Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thorn Valley

We had a great practice shoot today at Thorn Valley Shootist Society.  Only four club shooters, but we had some visitors.  Our home range is at the Rustic Sky Horse Camp, an equestrian destination inn Melder, LA.  The owner believes that horses, trail riding, and equestrian activities are almost a perfect fit with Cowboy Fast Draw shooting, and he lets us use a barn there as our home range.

Occasionally we have equestrians walk up to the range, wondering what is going on.  We greet them warmly, explain our game, and if they're willing, strap them up and let them try it.  Today was such a day.  Two horse-riders walked over to the barn to see what we were doing.  Callie, and Jason.  We took a few minutes to explain the game, give then a quick safety briefing, and strapped them up.

That's Callie on the left, and Jason on the right, trying their hand at Cowboy Fast Draw.  Blue Eyed Belle in the center, providing expert advise.  We let them shoot until they were ready to sit and talk about the game, so we chatted with them for a while, gave them some flyers, and told them they'd be welcome any time.

That's how you build a club.  Two members at a time.  When you can get a husband/wife team shooting together, it's a great thing.

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Old NFO said...

Sounds like you garnered two more members with your outreach! :-)