Friday, February 10, 2017

Panic in L.A.

That's Los Angeles, not Louisiana.  It seems that a normal day of arresting illegal aliens has gotten the attention of immigration rights lawyers.  From the Wasthington Post:
The panicked emails and phone calls began streaming in from community members at about 11 a.m. Thursday morning, inundating Los Angeles immigration lawyers with far more cases than usual. Immigrant advocate groups claim that more than 100 people had been taken into custody by federal immigration officials in Southern California Thursday, indicating a “coordinated sweep” in arrests and heightening fears that Donald Trump’s promise to crackdown on deportations had begun to take effect.
Interesting.  Although we've got to be wary of "fake news", and we've also got to be wary of sensationalism.  Further down in the linked article, ICE officials say that it's business as usual.

We're going to put this in the "for what it's worth" pile.


Anonymous said...

This from the southern Texas border - Our local news cast (ABC affiliate - Weslaco Texas) had a story last night which mentioned Mexico is bracing for an uptick in deportations.

So this story you mention may have some legs.

Coderage said...

Just an FYI, but up here where I currently hang my hat, "LA" most commonly stands for "Lower Alabama". Just say'in.