Monday, February 27, 2017

CFDA World's Record

I've been hering rumblings that the current CFDA World's Record might change hands this year.  The curent world's record was set by Master Gunfighter in the summer of 2015.  He hit a target at 0.295 of a second, but we'll talk more about that in a minute.

A World's Record can only be set at a sanctioned match.  So, it doesn't matter how fast yo go in practice, for a new world's record, it's got to be done at a sanctioned shoot, in front of witnesses.  Having said that, I'm hearing rumblings from practice shoots that some of the fastest are getting faster.  I heard one rumor this weekend that a shooter at an invitational shoot hit a 0.283.  That's blazing fast, and I'm sorry that I can't provide documentation.  MyFacebook skills aren't up to the task.

But, I also saw a Facebook post about a shooter we call Parttime, arguably the fastest gun in Texas.  Here's the picture that accompanied the post.

And, here's the post that accompanied the photo.
We had a good meeting and practice today at the Bushwackers Camp. We loved having Gentleman George and Texas Rose back Home on the Range. And...........Parttime hit an outstanding time on the Target today...... .279!!!! Way to go, let's see it again and again........And also a .289!
That's smoking fast, and I hope we have video of it.  Speeds of that nature are fast, blinding fast.  We do have video of Master Gunfighter's match where he set the record in 2015, and I'll embed it further down.

But, it looks like a new world's record might be set during the competition season that starts in March.  Certified rangemasters would be well advised to review the criteria for proclaiming a new world's record, it might happen very soon.

Now, let's watch Master Gunfighter setting the cirrent world's record.

That's fast, fellows.  Smoking fast.


jon spencer said...

Does the record have to be backed up with a time like they do in drag racing and in the same vein will there eventually be a way to tell if the gun moves before the light comes on?

Old NFO said...

Sounds like your upcoming meet might be 'interesting'! :-)