Tuesday, February 07, 2017

DeVos Confirmed

Betsy DeVos was confirmed today as Sec Edu, and the Dems are all butt-hurt.  The Republicans had to call in Mike Pence to break a tie in the Senate.

Chuck Schumer's feelings are hurt.

Sally Kohn wasted no time saying that she is going to "decimate" the public schools.  I think she meant to say "destroy", but I won't quibble about her choice of words.

Down here in the bayou country, we've got something that cures butt-hurt.  Boudreaux's Butt Cream, is an old-time remedy for chapping and irritation.  It works wonders.

Yep, it's a real thing, and that's the label you find on some containers.  Maybe I should send a case of it to the Democrats in the Senate.


Old NFO said...

LOL, if Landrieu were still there, I'd definitely send it to her office... :-)

JayNola said...

Decimating the department of education would be a good start.
Then maybe we could teach people the proper use of the word decimate.
I know they changed the definition but it rankles me every time someone misuses it.

Peter said...

Sure, send them a case. However, before you do so, I suggest adding a large concentration of Tony Cachere's seasoning. The super-concentrated variety. Hot stuff!