Thursday, February 16, 2017

Car Keys

The new minivan came with one fob, to unlock and start the vehicle.  That's not acceptable, as I always like a spare in almost anything I do, especially in a car. I made sure, before I left the dealership, that I was due another key fob.  They agreed to order one and call me when it came in.

Used to be, if you wanted a car key, you walked into any hardware store, gave the guy a buck, and he cut you a new key.  It ain't that way today.  Today they called me and told me the fob had arrived.  I went in on my break to pick it up.  It took an hour to get the vehicle into the service area so that the new fob could be programmed to the vehicle.

I asked what it would have cost if I had to purchase it.

"About $240.00."

Just damn.


Anonymous said...

"Just Damn."

Indeed, completely ridiculous. I'll bet the components of that $240 key cost less than $10 too.

LibertyNews said...

On Amazon you can order really inexpensive keyfobs for most vehicles. Apparently you reprogram the car to recognize them. I haven't tried them myself, I'm afraid that they're all using the same code :) But that might be an option.