Friday, February 03, 2017

Non-Serious People

Lawmakers should be serious people.  Sure, there's a time for frivolity in everyone's life, but we should expect elected officials to be serious people.  Unlike this fellow:
California Sen. Toni Atkins (D) wants to clear away all the bureaucratic red tape that stands in the way of Sara Kelly Keenan getting a state ID and/or driver’s license that reflects what Keenan sees as her true gender identity: non-binary.
For official purposes, such as a government ID or driver's license, it really doesn't matter what you consider yourself to be; all that really matters is whether you have or don't have a Y chromosome.

For the record, I don't really care if you're L, B, G, T, or Q.  That simply doesn't matter.  I don't care how you dress or who you sleep with.  That doesn't matter to me one whit.  It wouldn't even bother me if the government didn't have a gender block on IDs.

But, regardless, you don't get to choose your gender.  Either you have a Y chromosome or you don't.  It's not about feelings, it's not about identity, it's simple science.  And, these folks don't want to be science deniers,do they?


Anonymous said...

I wonder sometimes about the confusion in future researchers:
"We exhumed the remains, but the results are contradictory. The tombstone bears a female name, but genetic testing shows a Y chromosome. Further investigation reveals a male pelvic structure, but partial tissue remnants appear to show a vagina, although one very scarred, perhaps surgically constructed. What sort of hideous torture did this poor individual suffer, and why? What was their crime, to be tormented so?"
--Tennessee Budd

Dave said...

Funny...I'm looking at my Texas DL, and it doesn't have a block for 'gender.'

It has a block for Sex. Which, as you stated, is biological and determined by chromosomes. XX or XY holds even if an individual has had surgery.

About the only people that wouldn't hold true are those with the XXY or XYY chromosomal disorders.

Anonymous said...

Try educating yourself about intersex. It is as common as red-heads and sets of twins. 1 in 2000 people are XXY or XYY or XY and born with some female anatomy or XX and born with some male anatomy. Giving the legal protections of an accurate biological sex marker and bringing public attention to end non-consensual gender assignment surgeries on infants, which the UN calls "medical torture" because it consigns a baby to a life of diminished sexual sensation often in the wrongly assigned body for their gender identity, takes nothing away from you. Open your heart to the suffering of babies Grandpaw. If one of your grandkids was born with ambiguous genitalia I hope you would fight for that child to have as many options for self-identity and bodily autonomy as possible. No one should alter a baby's anatomy for cosmetic reasons before that baby can grow old enough to choose to erase their difference and face the risk of a loss of sexual sensation. Having the law legally acknowledge intersex and educating the public to the fact we are talking about 160,000 Americans is a means of beginning to protect babies who can't speak to protect themselves.