Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Calm Down, Fellas

Reading around my own blogroll, (yeah, that's why it's there), I see a lot of gloom and doom.

Old NFO asks if we're heading for a showdaown.

Peter cautions us to know our enemy.

And, the LawDog, in his inimitable style, regales us with cautionary tales from Africa.

I keep hoping that we've reached peak hissy-fit from the left.  The Democrats are hugely butt-hurt that they lost 31 out of 50 popular elections.  Yes, it's true that Hillary won the popular vote, but she didn't win the popular votes that matter.  So, they're throwing a huge hissy-fit becase they didn't comprehend high school civics.

LasDog's right that there are large groups of immigrants who are familiar wth demographic havoc.  But, it's generally not in their best interest to draw attention to themselves.  If most immigrants do anything, it is to act in their best interests. And, demographic havoc is not generally in anyone's best interest.

I freely admit that where I live is not one of those places with street-marches. I may be missing something vis-a-vis a growing rebellion, but like many of you, I have been accumulating recreational arms and ammunition for the past eight years.

Calm down, fellas, and take a deep breathe.  The Constitution worked just like it was supposed to work.  I don't believe that we're yet to the stage of choosing sides.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Thank-you for the sanity.

Jester said...

PawPaw I think what the concern is, that sure. For now this time the Constitution worked fine. And while both the right and the left have been guilty of it, by and large the left is only concerned with following the constitution if it benefits them directly. I can assure you that the idiots rioting, or blocking traffic or any of the other things don't give a wit about the law. I don't think we are in a shooting war by any means but to overlook what some people whipped up in to a lather are capable of is also short sighted. I think what those on our side are concerned with is that wars and terrible events have been touched off by a single incident or a few disconnected incidents that snowball. That's my concern. One mentally unhinged person can change the course of events in a major way.

Old NFO said...

Paw, understood, but my concern is the hyperbole and the fact that the left has spun itself into a hysteria that it will be hard to back down from. When you add in the funded protesters, THAT is what worries me. Herd mentality, as Jester alluded to, can lead to bad things happening.

Jester said...

After a bit of thought and to reflect on what Old NFO said, I'll be clear that I don't think there is a whole lot of us on the Right that want things to continue to get ugly. The fact that LawDog pointed out there is a large number of cold war and current war on terror veterans out there (I've done Iraq twice) that we would win is more a statement that things can get real bad to me. As in most these unsettled sorts have no real idea what it is to be in an actual "Hot" conflict. What I personally am more concerned with is who benefits on the left and right from this? I mean we all know the Media does in the short to mid term but who else in the mid to long term is benefiting from all this? Because like many of those political sorts that start wars who benefits from this strife in the long run is not likely to have their own blood and lives on the line. I moved out here to Wyoming this summer but I spent the previous 5 or so years in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Even in that local things are getting ugly in areas. Not Chicago bad but bad enough.

I think we can be thankful that the election cycle is in November and December when it's pretty cold out most locals. Could you imagine how bad this would be in the dead of summer? That right there is a prospect that lots of us that have concerns about violence touching off are very much aware of. We saw what happened to cities where Trump was campaigning this last summer. I'm deeply concerned to what happens now with President Trump in these same areas.

Anonymous said...

OLdNFO is correct as usual. I have a delirious left wing 70 year old sister that lives in Hawaii and she is openly calling for "hardening of their resolve". She is an old 60's hippie that made a career out of politics and working for government entities. She has an affinity for "anything government". Now she is agitating for continuing the progressive left's assault on the traditional American Ideal.
The majority of the left won't use the rioting paradigm or weapons. If I can use my arthritic sister as an example. BUT we do need to know our enemy.
So yeah, we don't need to get "all up in arms" about the lefts unhinged rants; BUT, they will use every under handed legal trick they can find. If I can use my governmently astute sister as an example.