Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I Call Bullshit

You see, I'm wondering about this.  It sounds like pure insanity.
A five-year-old boy was reportedly handcuffed and held in custody for five hours because he may have been ‘a threat to America’.
The child was one of more than 100 people held at airports across the United States after Donald Trump signed an order banning travel from seven majority Muslim countries.
The reason I'm calling bullshit is not because I believe some idiot is capable of wanting to handcuff a 5-year-p;d/  I believe that some people are stupid enough to try, but I don't believe that standard handcuffs will fit on someone with wrists as small as a 5-year-old.

I have seen small women slip out of standard handcuffs, and I don't know any current manufacturer who makes handcuffs small enough for children.

Again, I don't doubt that TSA or someone else detained a 5-year-old.  But, did they handcuff him?  I doubt it.  Standard handcuffs are too large for a 5-year-old.


Counter Jockey said...

Flexi cuffs then?

Old NFO said...

Wow... Age 5? Really???