Thursday, February 16, 2017

Congress Undoes Late Obama Gun Reg

Late last year, President Obama pushed through a regulation that would strip recipients of Social Security disability of their gun rights.  Today, Congress used their authority under the Congressional review Act to rescind that regulation.  As Hot Air points out, that particular regulation is dead.  And, it may have other implications.
Using the Congressional Review Act, the Senate followed the House yesterday in sending Donald Trump a bill canceling the new regulation. And Democrats may not yet fully realizing it, but once this regulation is dead, it’s really dead:
Hopefully, the Congress will continue rolling back Obama regulations that affect basic rights.

Let Freedom Ring.

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Eaton Rapids Joe said...

I found this action by Obama to be particularly sinister.

The NAZI were very big on chipping off groups, identifying them as "less than fully human" and then denying them of MANY fundamental rights.

This was a start down a very slippery slope.