Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Party of No

It seems that the Democrats have become the party of NO.  In the past decade, they've lost most governships, most state legislatures, both the US House and Senate, and most recently, the White House.  Except for a few small blotches of regressive blue, the national map is increasingly scarlet red.

I know that the political pendulum   swings back and forth, and one of these days, the Democrats might be back in power, but right now they're reeling. They don't have an agenda, other than NO, and the few actual progressive points they make have been slain on the altar of political relevance.  Yet, rahter than look forward, they intend to make Trump their agenda.

To wit, Politico magazine's twitter feed

I'm sure that's going to work out fine for them.  But, I tend to agree with this fellow.

The Democrats would probably be better off with a platform and agenda that would move America forward, rather than just being the party of NO.  But, if they want to remain irrelevant in the national discussion, that's okay with me.

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