Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Wednesday Resolution

 Comer had his press conference this morning.  You can see it on C-Span or YouTube.  It wasn't as dramatic as the hype was, but they did give dates and named names.  Financial crimes are often boring, and that's what the Democrats are counting on.  Joe Biden is a crook, but his crimes are boring.

In that other matter of my past associate, he got sentenced today.  Many of his other past associates thought that he might get a probation sentence, and I cautioned them that, at least in this state, Molestation of a Juvenile is still a very serious crime. So, this afternoon in a fit of curiosity, I called the Clerk of Court's office.  The nice lady who answered the phone told me that he was sentenced to seven (7) years in the Department of Corrections at hard labor.  The sentencing range in these cases is 5-10 years, so it looks like the judge split the difference.

A quick check with the Sheriff's inmate locator reveals that he was booked this afternoon, serving time on a DOC sentence. Justice was served today in Rapides Parish.


Old NFO said...

Good news! Do the crime, do the time!

Steve Sky said...

I'm guessing the hard labor wouldn't be at Angola?