Tuesday, May 16, 2023


 Now that the Durham report is out, it doesn't bread well for the integrity of the FBI.  But, those of us following the facts knew that.  There is really nothing new here.  Durham really didn't file any charges, and his record of prosecution during this probe is less than stellar.  Two acquittals and one guilty plea doesn't speak strongly to his prosecutorial instincts.

For example, he admits that FBI folks lied to the FISA courts to obtain warrants.  That is plainly against the law.  When I was swearing out warrants as a young cop, I knew that lying to a Court was a prosecutable offense.  But, Durhan says he can't find criminality.  Bullshit.

However, one disgraced FBI agent is speaking out after having been named in the report.   He claims that the probe never should have happened.  And, I agree with him.  The FBI should be so ethical, so honorable, so stringently apolitical that such a probe was never necessary.  But, that isn't the case.  The FBI so destroyed their credibility that no right-thinking person believes a thing they say, and the record is clear that if they want to build a case, they will, the facts and law be damned.

The FBI is soiled as a law enforcement agency, and won't be cleansed without a purging at the highest levels. I know, personally, that if I am ever confronted by an FBI agent, I am going to stand on my Miranda rights and tell then to either produce a valid warrant, or go away.

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