Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Plot Thickens

 I hear that Ron DeSantis is going to throw his hat into the ring tonight.  He'll be what?  The sixth of seventh to announce for the Republican nomination?  They are all following Trump, who holds a commanding lead in the polls right now.

I like DeSantis.  And, I like Tim Scott.  And some of the others.  But Trump is the head gorilla in the band of wannabe presidents. I agree that lots can happen in the next year, but if the primaries were held today, Trump would be the guy.

I'm wondering why Scott and DeSantis are getting in now?  They are both young enough to wait four years.  Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the room, leaving no space for anyone else.

It's going to be an interesting primary.


Matthew W said...

I expect Jeb-Lite to fade faster than Jeb did, but will the media keep him alive to fight Trump??

Old NFO said...

That it is.

be603 said...

positioning to build warchest for future use?

In the meantime,
a) increasing national level name recognition (building their brand)
b) setup to land a cherry job in the winner's adminstration.

Anonymous said...

In 2016, the Republicans allowed Trump to remain in Republican Primary because they thought with all of the Talent that was running, they could use Trump to gain publicity, then lose to one of them. Only to see Trump beat them down

Funny Trump running. If he does become a candidate, what will the Left say about him ? They have already been yarning for SEVEN years, what could come to light that already hasn't been said and discussed for years ?

The most vetted candidate ever.