Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Mowing Grass

 This morning I loaded the Skag on the trailer and towed it to the church.  We have two events this weekend,  and the arena needed a trim.   Mainly, the bahia was jumping.  The bahiagrass we have locally has a tough, woody seed-head that sprouts about a foot taller than the soft, grassy leaves.  It's tough to mow.  I've seen hay-bines choke down on those trough stems.

There wasn't much area to mow, so I took my time and tried to get it all.  I was a the church for probably two hours.  If anyone complains, I'll gently remind them that they got what they paid for.

One of the things I learned while doing volunteer work is that I am easy to fire.  One of the tenets of good church management is to never fire a volunteer.  Figure out a way to use them.  Volunteers, like any other asset, are scarce.  Whatever labor they do puts the church way ahead.  Many organizations exist solely on the goodwill of volunteers.  Whether it is the local flying club, the neighborhood church, or the American Red Cross, they couldn't exist without volunteer help.


Old NFO said...

Concur, and treating volunteers like slaves by those who never pitch in is a GOOD way to lose ALL of the volunteers.

BobF said...

Just a few days ago:
My son has a large lot on hilly terrain. Cuts his grass on a mower than pulls him standing behind. Stopped to pick up something and next thing he knew his foot contacted the blade, or vice versa. Doesn't know if slipped under or if machine rolled forward.

Lost 3 toes, surgeon reattached and said at angle of blade should have lost the foot and bled to death (was alone out there). Went home from hospital yesterday in a lot of pain and with pins sticking out of toes; can't pressure even the heel yet.

No matter the outcome (yet to see if toes take the reattachment) he's damned lucky.

He's no youngster -- 4 kids, owns and runs a million-plus business.


BobF said...

May I add that my son' best friend is an amputee. He purposely wore shorts the other day so my son's children could see for the first time his prosthetics.

At the age of 4 he was sitting in his father's lap and fell off a tractor while working; has been an amputee ever since.

Sometimes we minimize the danger of machines..