Thursday, May 18, 2023

Pore ol' Jordan

 I'm sure that by now you have all heard the tragic tale of Jordan Neely, the homeless man that terrorized a subway train in New York until a stalwart former Marine put an end to his depredations.  Neely died follwing his encounter with the Marine, who was protecting other passengers, assisted by other riders.  Now the usual suspects are outraged and the Marine is facing manslaughter charges.

I care about Jordan Neely, just like the New York department of homeless cared about him.  They had him on a list of the 50 top homeless in the city, but they didn't help him at all.  They didn't give a shit about Jordan Neely, and that's about how much I care.

I care about Jordan Neely just like his lawyer.  His lawyer didn't try to get him help, didn't care enough to make sure he was fed, didn't give a running crap about him until he was dead.  Now, the lawyer is playing the social justice game, trying to make a profit over Neely's death.  That's about how much I care about Jordan Neely, which is to say I don't give a crap.

I care about Jordan Neely just about like his family cared for him.  Which is to say they didn't give a flying fuck that he was at large in the city, scaring people, making a nuisance of himself. 

The death of Jordan Neely is an indictment of the social services in New York, an abject failure of the criminal justice system who failed to curtail his predations, and a stunning display of neglect from his family, who at this point seems to want to get some free money from his untimely death.

A month ago I had no clue who Jordan Neely was, didn't care to know.  I still don't.  If Neely needed help, his family, that ambulance chasing attorney, and the New York social services should have helped him. They let him fester on the good citizens of New York until he terrorized a train load of people and a stalwart ex-Marine stepped up and put an end to it.  The folks who are crying over Jordan Neely should sit down and shut up.  They didn't care a month ago, and there is no reason to believe that they care now.


juvat said...

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Zackly!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me about NYC clicking homeless vets out of a shelter to make room for illegals!

Anonymous said...

Spot-ON, Colonel Sir!!

Anonymous said...

I concur.
However. Y'all know this kind of nonsense is only going to get worse, dontcha?
Classic socialism - creating class warfare.
A Mentally disturbed miscreant is held up as an idol because... I'm waiting for a list of his contributions to society: he used to do the moon walk for tips? Yeah, why work for money....
Society is broken (on purpose, by people with names and addresses).
If you don't recognize this socialist tactic to foment division, look up Cloward-Pliven strategy. This is textbook.
Our host is correct, there are multiple failures here, but ultimately a society that allows the masses to be led around like this by minorities with grievances, is not a cohesive society. We are not one group of Americans. We are a collection of interests all jockeying for our bigger piece of the pie. See how the blacks start complaining the instant migrants take THEIR benefits? Does anybody work for anything anymore?
We are not 'one people' with a common goal of American society. We are little tribal fiefdoms trying to force our version of America onto people who are doing to same.
It will fail, spectacularly, and lots of people will die.

Mike-SMO said...

Neely was going to be an expensive burden on somebody. Ihave read of the medical diagnosis of s schizophrenia. He is thus unfit to participate in his own defense in a potential criminal trial. Current medications can "normalize" behavior but there is no "cure", so that patients, who typically have poor insight into their disorder, usually discontinue their medication and "self medicate" with street drugs. Thus, constant supervision is required. Mr. Neely's family is unwilling or unable to provide such supervision which then means very expensive institutional (hospital or prison)confinement. Progressive ideology and cost concerns suggest that once medications have "normalized" the patient's behavior, he should be released. Psychiatrists know that such a patient will eventually abandon his medications, leading to a resumption of disordered thinking and abnormal behavior. The cycle of abnormal behavior and institutionalization will repeat. There is no cure. Institutionalization is horribly expensive and thus not usually pursued.

Mr. Penny used a "control hold" on Mr. Neely's chin and jaw. Usually, the mental excitement of such an agitated delirium continues after a patient appears to "pass out" unless that process is terminated by a strong "sedative" such as Thorazine. Mr. Neely probably died from delayed or inept hospital care. Agitated delirium is no fun for anyone.

Mr. Neely was wandering free, because the only alternative was very expensive ( medical and legal costs) institutionalization.It was a gamble since most patients may become homeless but they don't usually hurt or kill others. Free meals and a tent are cheap. In this case the patient died, probably due to street drugs. Oops! Them's the breaks. The politicians will cover their gamble by persecuting Mr. Penny.