Sunday, May 07, 2023

Sunday Musings

 I see that gunfire erupted at a Texas outlet mall.  The responding police officer did just exactly the right thing.  He closed with and engaged the shooter.  He ended the threat.  What dos surprise me is that there weren't more people there with guns.

I also see from this past week, some mentally-deranged asshole was creating a problem on New York subway train and an heroic former Marine subdued him until the police arrived.  This deranged asshole was a frequent flyer in the New York criminals system, but somehow the libs are claiming that the Marine murdered him. To this I respond with a succinct and resounding Bullshit! This nutcase was threatening people inside the steel tubes.  If he would have just sat down and shut up, he would have been fine.  He brought this on himself.

In lighter news, I see that Bud Light has managed to piss off it's only remaining market.  They fired the trans-critter that they earlier hired as a spokes-critter.  Now, the trans community hates Bud Light, along with the rest of America. On a more personal note, I hosted a family gathering yesterday and saw no Bud Light in the various coolers.  The family has moved to other brands. I'm sure that the distributors are in almost open revolt.


Anonymous said...

Did the mall in Texas ban guns? Many do, unfortunately.

John Galt said...

I wonder if " more people didnt have guns" in the Texas mall is because most Malls have banned guns. Oh, I am certain at least some had guns with them anyway. Yet, if your choice is shoot or run...and you are far enough away to run...maybe you run. Do you Really want to make a righteous shoot and then have the DA come after you for having your gun? What happens if you take the shot just as the police DO arrive? Do they know you are a " good guy"?? Im just saying, if the crazy in the mall is near me or my family then do whatever you can to stop him !! However, Im sorry but Im not sure Im hero enough to go looking for an active shooter just because I am on the scene.

Old NFO said...

Yep most malls are 'gun free zones'... sigh The whole Bud Light meltdown is getting interesting, as now the 3rd party advertising firm has been booted too!

TechieDude said...

One of the videos I saw was from the parking lot, about 30 yards from the shooter. 1/2 the distance, a pickup turns out of the parking space to the laft and beats feets outta there.

I dunno. That truck was maybe 50' from the shooter. I'd be tempted to mow him down, since he probably had tunnel vision.