Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Tuesday Anticipation

 We're waiting.  Waiting on a number of things to happen.

Title 42 dies the death it should have died months ago, but it dies on Thursday, and the border crisis shows no signs of abatement.  Quite the contrary.  Tens of thousands of migrants are poised to flow across Joe Biden's open border. The border is an unmitigated disaster, and Biden has no clue how to stanch the flow.

We're waiting until tomorrow for Comer's "show-and-tell" press conference, where he is going to lay out the criminals conspiracy headed up by Joe Biden.  Comer intends to show that the FBI and DOJ have been sitting on compelling evidence that then-VP Biden sold himself to our adversaries.  Comer's evidence needs to be so compelling, so crystal clear that Joe Biden immediately resigns and seeks a plea bargain. The evidence should be so compelling that no self-respecting defense attorney will touch the case. (I understand that "self-respecting defense attorney" in an oxymoron, but go with me on this one.)  If the evidence is not that compelling, then it will just be another ho-hum political stunt.

In another, entirely unrelated matter, I have a past associate who is scheduled tomorrow to be sentenced on a charge of Molestation of a Juvenile in the local courts.  Many in our local community are watching this case closely.  This guy was considered a staunch Christian, a leader in his church, who had a dalliance with an underage teenage girl.  It's a sordid tale, and we are told that he has pled guilty and will be sentenced tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


Old NFO said...

Sadly, not surprised by the guilty plea. Not as unusual as one might think.

Justin_O_Guy said...

The border is an unmitigated disaster, and Biden has no clue how to stanch the flow.

If you handed him a perfect description of a perfect solution to secure the border he would Not do it.

glasslass said...

Well, today is Thursday and tens of thousand are coming in everywhere. Caught the tail end of the biden/hunter mess that looks like could be a big problem. Bigger problem is how is the alphabet agencies going to get rid of that many people. As to the good christian my brother in law in his teens had been caught molesting a younger sibling of the same sex. Long after I left family and him a Deacon in his church he was accused by stepchildren and they filed because they caught him starting with a grandchild. I am convinced this is a hard wire for them. It is forever a repeat pattern. Life with no parole or 6' under.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear about a story like that fellow I'm reminded of One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest with Jack Nicholsons brilliant performance in the shrinks office.