Thursday, May 25, 2023


 I was trying to remember the last time I've been in a Target store.  Maybe five years?  Belle and I were traveling, and she was looking for something specific, and she thought Target would have it, so we swung through a Target store, and found what she was looking for.  So, okay, I can't join the Target boycott.

Likewise, Bud Lte.  I didn't drink it before they became a marketing course case study, (Marketing 2053 -How to Wreck a Brand with one ad)

Likewise the LA Dodgers.  They are involved in a marketing kerfuffle, and have invited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to help them celebrate Pride Week. I did some basic research into this Order and don't think that they are recognized by the Vatican.

I don't go to Dodgers games, I don't shop at Target, and I don't drink Bud Lte.  Not because I want to join the boycott, but because I didn't do those things before the boycott.  I'm not a customer.  But, as a guy whose degrees are in Business, I have to wonder what their marketing departments were thinking.

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Judy said...

Even straight out of the Appalachian hollers, Dolly Parton is business savvy enough to know her market base and cater to it. Every last one of those marketing geniuses needs to sue their respective colleges for not drilling that one point into their consciousnesses.