Sunday, May 21, 2023


 Both of these from Fox News.

Biden declares himself 'blameless,' demands GOP submit to his debt demandsu

Yeah, right, Joe.  The House has a bill on the table that will get you our of  this mess.  Tell the Senate to pass it and then you can sign it.  Problem solved.  But you would rather grandstand.

Harris' ability to manage WH AI response in doubt after Musk comments, voters say

Yeah, Kamala has done such a great job with everything else she's been given.  I'm sure she will be able to handle artificial intelligence.  She probably thinks that AI stands for Artificial Insemination.   I'm sure she will get right on that.


John Galt said...

I think Biden tipped off his plans. They will use the " 14th Amendment" to " Save America from the unreasonable Republicans. " When the dust settles in the courts they will have either raised the debt ceiling or found more money or both. I know the Govt gets more revenue on June 15th and they will then have enough money to hold on until about the end of July. So...they just need to have appeals etc for a couple of weeks.
My only question is if Biden will do this before June 1 or play chicken right up until some damage is happening. Timing financial markets is damn hard and we have Joe in charge.

Anonymous said...

Ah Dementia Joe strikes again. The Real People in Charge must be having fits on keeping him on topic.