Friday, May 05, 2023


 The Biden Administration keeps trumpeting the lie that the US has never defaulted on it's debt obligations.  Except for the four times it did.

Yeah, four times.  1862, 1933, 1968, and 1971.  I still have some silver certificates that the government defaulted on in 1968.

Biden doesn't want to negotiate.  The Republican Congress has passed a plan, but Biden doesn't like it.  Perhaps it's time for him to sit down at the table and make a deal.  It's on him.  

But, don't liet them tell you that the US has never defaulted on a debt.  I still have those silver certificates.


Old NFO said...

Yep, I still have a couple of them too.

Steve Sky said...

Biden doesn't have to negotiate as he is well aware that once the Republican side of the Uniparty finishes their kabuki performance, they'll find some "reason" to fold & pass Biden's unlimited dollars budget. That's assuming that they don't have the Fed issue a $1 Trillion dollar coin, that will magically put $1 Trillion dollars into the treasury.

How does a collapse occur? At first you go bankrupt slowly, then all at once.

Termite said...

Just saying....