Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Biden considers sending U.S. troops to border

We know that the border is a mess, but Fox is reporting that the Biden team is considering sending up to 1500 US active-duty troops to the border to help with administrative and transportation issues.

They report that most of these migrant critters are Venezuelan, but we know that the border is controlled by the cartels, and at some point we are going to have to deal with that fact.  The Mexican government is either unwilling or unable to deal with a large criminal enterprise on their northern (our southern) border. 

There is historical precedent for dealing with problems like this.  In 1916, there was a cartel in Mexico that was causing havoc along the border and the US Army sent a punitive expedition to take care of the problem.  

That expedition didn't go exactly as planned, but it did do some good.  I'm just saying.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

A great uncle was part of that as a cavalryman. As a teenager I remember him saying it beat being in France.

Anonymous said...

To help with admin. and transportation? More like federal troops are under Bidens control so he can decide where to bus these illegals instead of the Governers. Troops should be shipping 'em back to wherever or stopping their entry in the first place.
Remember the civilian militia that was there a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

it's all for show...all they will do is help bp transport them to a processing center...the boarder is a joke...this admin is a joke...our country is a joke...

Old NFO said...

The 'government' of Mexico is being controlled by the cartels, so they are not willing to cut of the money coming in to them.

Dave said...

The 1916 Punitive Expedition, at least in the form it took, was not contained in the version of War Plan GREEN then in place. (Which was part of why it was less than successful.) WP GREEN of 1916 basic called for, in the event of any major problem with Mexico, to re-enact 1846-48, and install a new government when complete.

It wasn't until the last approved version of WP GREEN, completed in 1940, contained a graduated escalation. Phase I called for using the Army, both regular troops and National Guard, to secure the border. (The entire Regular Army at the time was less than 180,000 troops, a good portion of which were committed in the Philippines, Hawaii, and coast defense installations.) Phase II was the occupation of a buffer zone inside Mexico, and in Phase III they would get their Winfield Scott and Hernan Cortez on.

Anonymous said...

The majority of personnel transferred to the Southern border for assisting Border Patrol are extremely limited in what they can do to assist. Many are unwilling to patrol the dense thorny rural property in south Texas after the sun has gone down. Day time temperatures in summer / fall are very often triple digit and not comfortable to patrol.

They stay on established ranch roads, often not even getting out of the air conditioned vehicle. Even some border patrol officers who are used to the terrain do the same. They already know that the apprehended will be given a court summons to report on a certain date which most will ignore and disappear unless they commit a crime which becomes reported (like that recent Cleveland Texas individual who was just caught for the murder of five individuals).

Termite said...

The only way to effectively patrol is using aircraft.

Airplanes can cover a lot of ground quickly, but move too fast.
Helicopters can hover, but are $$$$$$$, use lots of fuel, and high maintenance.

This is an environment where small 2-man gyros would shine.


Cruise at 75-80 mph, burns 4-5 GPH of premium unleaded, can T/O and land in 350-400 ft.