Sunday, January 22, 2023


 On the way to the Mardi Gras ball last night, we learned that the Feds have found some more documents at Joe's place.

Bob Bauer, Biden’s newly acquired personal lawyer, said the Justice Department took six documents marked classified and some of Biden’s notes during a Friday search that lasted 13 hours.

Newley acquired personal lawyer? That is an interesting choice of words, which leads one to ask a number of questions which will probably never be answered.

But it is easy to see that Joe takes classified documents really seriously.  Like he takes border security very seriously.  Which is to say, not at al.  And, I'm wondering what happened to Joes's other lawyers that he had to "newly acquire" another one?  All sorts of scenarios come to mind.


Old NFO said...

And apparently 'some' of the documents date back to his days as a senator, so he is a serial offender... What a surprise!

Anonymous said...

The note about Personal Lawyer is because White House staff lawyers were defending him for personal matters like this until it came out...