Friday, January 27, 2023

Mobile Protected Firepower

It looks like the Army is considering a new armored vehicle to supplement the infantry.  Something called Mobile Protected Firepower.  All the details have not yet been ironed out, but think something between the Bradley and the Abrams.

As a young Cav trooper, I trained on the M5551 Sheridan and I liked it. It could not go head-to-head against a main battle tanks, but it offered good firepower and mobility.  We called it the ACAV (Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle) and we knew its limitations.

I'm glad to see that the Army is thinking about a vehicle like this. It might give a good, hacy punch to the light infantry and would be an asset on the battlefield.


Mike-SMO said...

1) why the need for a new vehicle? Why not a new turret o Bradley?

2) This machine seems to have no capability for dealing with upper level threats that can be expected in an urban environment.

The "light tank" thus seems to be a throwback to Viet Nam era tactics. Europe and much of the Mid East have multi story masknry buildinggs that are beyond the elevation capabilities of a traditional tank design. The Russian military has fielded the "Exterminator" with lighter weapons that have high elevation capability. This new "light tank" has a low field of fire. The 105 mm gun is too small for use against modern tanks and is useless against multi-story targets. Thus it has all the limitations of a traditional tank with none of the advantages of the Israeli models that can shoot high and carry some infantry. If Granny and Gramps are at home, it is not likely that the new "tank" can be used to knock down buildings. It seems like a very expensive rebuild of obsolete tanks with limited uses in modern war.

mostly cajun said...

Your memory is giving out. It happens to all of us.

M-551 Sheridan - Armored Reconaissance and Airborne Assault Vehicle. (ARAAV). 152mm gun for HEAT-MP and Shillelagh ATM.

M-113M - Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle (ACAV) M-113 armored personnel carrier with armor kits to shield the commander's .50 mount and mounts with shields for a pair of additional M-60 MG's.

Man, the Armor School is a long way off in the distance behind us.


Anonymous said...

Since the Sheridan, the Army has tried many times to replace it but nothing met all the specs and politics of the day; many were one or the other but none (yet) met both. I'll believe this when I see it fielded.
As Mike mentioned, a high angle option, such as the Soviets put on the BMP 2 after problems in Afghanistan with the BMP 1 is well worth considering.

Angus McThag said...

The M8 Buford met all the specs and politics well enough to be type classified...

Just in time for the Cold War to end and the orders cancelled.

The MPF is in that same vein.

The Sheridan has needed replaced for a long time.

Something with more heft than an autocannon, but not as bulky as an MBT.