Monday, January 23, 2023

Louisiana Governor's Race

The Louisiana governors race is heating up.  We vote in the fall.  Our senator, John Kennedy was considering a run, but has decided against it, which throws the race open.  So far, our AG, Jeff Landry has announced that he is running, and this gal Katie Bernhardt, is throwing her hat in the ring.

Katie is a Democrat, but that don't mean nothing in Louisiana.  For the past two terms, Louisiana elected a radical Democrat, John Bel (hack, spit) Edwards.  Louisiana needs closed primaries, but the folks who benefit from them most are in office so they won't change our voting system.

Right now, Louisiana leads the race to the bottom, with a struggling education system, a hostile business climate, massive out-migration, and a host of other problems.  Why Louisiana can't simply take a few pages from the playbooks of states like Texas, Florida, or Tennessee to improve our state is beyond me.  Less government, lower taxes and more personal freedom seem to be a winning message.

At any rate, Katie has joined the fray.  I'll never vote for her.  She is a Democrat.


Old NFO said...

She's scary...

Anonymous said...

Its endemic to their nature, thats why we have so many of the problems we do across the spectrums. It comes down to personal responsibility. They want none of it, so they defer. Defer responsibility, defer punishment, mistakes, pain, etc.
Its never their fault. This harkens back to participation trophies, I hate to say. When little Johnny grew up with participation trophies, he never learned how to lose (with grace). Likewise winners never really won (errrr, learned how to win, with grace), as everybody got a trophy, not just the winners. So winning isn't winning anymore, losing isn't losing, nobodys feelings are hurt, and nobody is happy.

pjk said...

She holds a shotgun like someone who has never done so before.