Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Rainy Day Tuesday

 It's raining out there today, and the weather-weenies tell me that it will keep raining for most of the rest of today.  We can't do anything outside, so the dog and I are in the shop.

I cut up a little chuck roast and we're making a beef stew.  Good beef, a roux-gravy, with onion, carrots and potatoes.  I'll wander past the stove and stir it occasionally, and when we get closer to lunch, make a pot of rice.

I had a chance to visit with grandson Quinton yesterday.  He's preparing for deployment with the Louisiana National Guard.  They are leaving here in early February and heading to Fort Hood for a couple of weeks, then going to Kuwait.  The eventual destination is some place called Camp Buehring.  From what I can see online, it is an American Army base in Kuwait.  He's a young, single E-4 and this should be a grand adventure. His grandmother is heartily relieved that we're not in a shooting war right now.  He tells me that they had to do some cultural sensitivity training and he's talked to folks who have been there.  The one thing he thinks he is going to miss is bacon.  Evidently they don't import much pork into Kuwait.

I better go stir the stew.


John Galt said...

Must have been the day for soup/stew. I had some left over roast. Cut it up, added onion, potatoes, carrots, celery , some peas and a little barley. I let it simmer all day. Its been plenty rainy here in Houston ( metro) and at times it was nearly as dark as night.

Jester said...

I've been though that place in Kuwait a few times. It's really not bad so far as a deployment goes, and he will find himself bored out of his mind before too long.