Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Switching Horses

 Regular readers know that I enjoy a cocktail in the late afternoons.  Belle declared Happy Hour a few moments ago, and rather than reaching for the bourbon that I normally enjoy during the cool months, my hand grabbed a bottle of vodka.  Luckily atop the refrigerator, I had an unopened bottle of tonic water from last year.  And, it fizzed when I un-cracked it.

So, in the week after Easter, I guess I've gone from bourbon and coke to vodka and tonic.  It's a seasonal thing.  And, the seasons, they are a-changing.

I learned to drink vodka-tonic at the old Fiddler's Green, the junior officer bar at Fort Knox, KY.  The bartender there, Susie recommended it to me one night when I ordered a Reuben from the grill.  I haven't had a good Reuben sandwich since Fort Knox, but I admit that their Ruben was the first one I had ever tasted, and Reuben's aren't big in the Deep South.

I was at the local deli last month, and asked about corned beef.  They don't stock it.  The only corned beef I could find was Hormel in the can, and I ain't going there.  


Judy said...

You can make your own corned beef. Most people use brisket but the bar I worked in, back in the dark ages, used a top round (a lot less fat). Once you cook your corned beef, chill in the fridge, whole, before slicing with a meat slicer. We dressed our reubens with spicy mustard, but the traditional recipe called for thousand island dressing. I prefer my sandwich with mustard.

BobF said...

A few years ago I was at a chain restaurant on I-95 somewhere NC or below. Ordered a Reuben sandwich (it was on the menu) and the server asked what kind of cheese I wanted on it.

Uh, just give me a cheeseburger, please.

robert said...

That Vodka and tonic probably did you more good healthwise than if you took all three of the MRNA gene manipulation therapies . Tonic water has real Quinine in it . It has been the go to natural drug for various Corona types of viruses for over a hundred years . When mixed with a quality alcohol delivery its power is intensified around ten times and it tastes good !

dogsledder said...

Ah, yes, the Reuben. A great among the sandwiches. I recently made Reubens with a twist- I used ham instead of corned beef. Yes, I know it is sacralege. But it was great. I had them again tonight. You might try it if you are brave. ;-]

Bob said...

Check your meat section for corned beef - - it can often be found pre-packaged as an unsliced brisket. Alternatively you can make a Reuben with pastrami instead of corned beef. You might also try a different deli or an upscale grocery store that caters to the local Jewish community.

Termite said...

Pastrami is basically corned beef that has been smoked.

Couple of years I made some, but used beef shoulder roll instead of brisket.
It was pretty good.