Monday, April 26, 2021

Others Are Noticing

 WWL, a station in New Orleans, is noticing that many people have quit listening to the governor.

If you look around New Orleans, there are signs that the city's residents and tourists think the pandemic is over.

At the very least, the fear of the pandemic appears to be over. Crowds are now gathering in all sorts of public places.

Most of the rest of Louisiana made that decision about six weeks ago, just about the time Texas and Mississippi went fully open.   The governor has squandered his political capital on keeping us in bondage, and we finally said "to hell with it".

The article goes on to say that vaccines are sitting on the shelf, unused.  Folks are over it.  We gave him the benefit of the doubt, but it lasted too long, and now his opinion doesn't matter at all.  Which is really, in the final analysis, exactly what the people should think about their governor.  


Old NFO said...


Glypto Dropem said...

Same seems to be happening here in Kommiecticut. The numbers of fully jabbed guinea pigs is not what the state gubmint was hoping for. They are resorting to bribery to try and get takers for the jab that is now going unused. Sheeple are still mostly wearing their #MaskOfOppression but from what I saw this past weekend only in close quarters. Handshakes and hugs are back too.

Steve said...
biden asked for 100 days of mask that means May 1 is the "Great Unmasking Day"!!!