Sunday, April 25, 2021

About That Pandemic

 It seems like others are catching on.  While Texas and Florida are highly visible as states that have eschewed the mask mandate and are re-opening, there are a number of us in less fortunate states that have decided to get on with our lives.

Some are taking notice.

Venture just an hour outside of the city, however, and life is shockingly normal. On Saturday morning, I drove with friends to Marshall, Virginia for a classic car parts swap. Buyers and sellers mingled with one another in the lot, complimenting each other’s rigs, listening to classic rock, and just enjoying the bright, crisp day — all without masks. The only person who stayed consistently masked up outside was the crunchy coffee boy selling overpriced cups of joe and bagels.

Many of us are over it.  We've learned a lot in the past year, and we're done with government over-reach. We are supremely indifferent to government pronouncements.  Here in Louisiana where we are stuck in Phase 2.8, with a mask mandate, many of us have decided that it simply doesn't make any sense, and we've gotten on with our lives.

There is a rumor that Governor Edwards may drop the mask mandate next week, but I have news for him.  Most of Louisiana has already dropped it.  Our governor is a laughable fool, and many of us awakened (as opposed to being Woke) to that fact.

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Jonathan H said...

I was in rural Virginia late last summer and I saw stores where people were not wearing masks - the signs on their doors specifically said "just the governor does", referencing recent videos of the governor breaking his own mandate...
Like many states, rural Virginia is VERY different from urban Virginia.